Richard Foster once said that, “Prayer is about a love                                                                    relationship, an enduring, continuing, growing love relationship                                                  with the Great God of this universe. We will become more                                                            effective prayers as we become more effective Lovers of God.”
                                At Danville First Baptist Church we understand that our mission of                                               connecting people to the heart of God is Spiritual and Spiritual task can                                     only be achieved by Spiritual people who employ Spiritual methods;                                           Therefore we will only have an effective Kingdom Impact if we Pray First                                     and Plan second – Worship must always come before Work. Prayer is our                                   first line of defense and our best line of attack. It is in the realm of prayer                                   that battles will be won or lost, souls will be confronted with the
                                awesome salvation provided through Jesus Christ, and that unity, power,                                   love, and Christ-likeness will be achieved.
* Sunday Morning at 9:30A.M.  – All are invited to join. We have a time of prayer in the Sanctuary.
* Pastor’s Prayer Partners:   We believe that it is necessary for our Pastor to have an abundance of prayer support for his personal, spiritual and ministerial needs. For this reason the men of Danville FBC are called together to meet once a week to lift our pastor up in prayer. Prayer time is at 6:30A.M. every Tuesday morning and open to all men.

If you have prayer concerns, you are invited to submit prayer request through email or through the prayer request forms in the back of the church pews. 

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