Miracle Moment

While reading in the O.T. and the N.T.  I found a recurring theme. I like to call it God’s Miracle Moment. We can find them all through out the Bible, it is exciting to read the Bible and search for themes. Let me explain what I mean by Miracle Moment. You find Joseph who had been put in prison on a false charge, he had been forgotten and left there for a couple of years. Then all of a sudden the King has a dream, he is remembered as one who can interpret dreams, and in a “Miracle Moment” Joseph is catapulted from prison to second in command.

You find a small band of believers in an upper room praying for days, and then in a “Miracle Moment” the Holy Spirit falls and gives birth to the New Testament Church.

In the book of Nehemiah, Nehemiah is praying and fasting with a broken heart, then in a “Miracle Moment” God moves on the Kings heart. 

There are several different points I want to bring to mind about these miracle moments. First- often God makes us wait, but when he begins to move (in His timing) he normally moves quickly. When God knows things are ready, and the timing is perfect, in a blink of an eyes, in a flash He moves. The second thing I noticed was that each of these people were ready! When God moves in His “Miracle Moment” we have to be ready or we will miss it. Each of these people had to wait on God, they had to stay closely connected to Him and make sure they were, Spiritually and Physically ready for the time when God quickly moves. We must wait on God; but we should never make God wait on us. We must keep ourselves positioned and ready! 

It is like a young boy who plays little league baseball. He is waiting for the coach to put him in. He has his glove on, his hat is on and he is ready and waiting for the coach to say the word. 

I remind myself daily that I must personally stay ready, I must keep my life and my walk close to Him. I must personally stay ready for God to pour out His blessings. You never know when he may want to use you to build a wall, when He is going to send an upper room experience, or when He is going to catapult you to be a ruler over much. 

We as a Body must also remind ourselves of the same thing corporately. We must stay close to Him in prayer, in fellowship, in worship, in service; we must stay ready. Because, we never know when a “Miracle Moment” may happen. He may move quickly and say get in the game, I am opening that door you’ve been waiting on. When that happens we can not waste time looking for our glove. By the time we get it together it may be to late. 

Waiting for a Miracle Moment,
Bro. Clayton


Successfuly Seeking

Around 1915 Charlie Chaplin made a movie called the Tramp, by the 1930’s Chaplin was probably at the height of his career. In-fact all across America they were having Charlie Chaplin impersonation contest. One of the largest contest was held each year at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. Chaplin hated these contest, he wanted to put a stop to them but there was nothing he could do. One year he decided to go to the Beverly Hills Hotel and join the contest. He went and gave a performance and won third place. That’s right Chaplin went and impersonated himself and came in third.

It is possible to look at imitations for so long that we do not realize the real thing when it is right before us. It is possible to have a form of religion that we are not aware when the God of heaven is trying to draw us closer. How about you – Do you know when your heavenly father speaks to you? Would you recognize Him if he made a divine appointment with you? Please remember that the successful Christian life does not come in a day, but it does come daily. It is our daily walk with the savior that makes our lives successful. If we are walking close to Him each day, we can hear and know when he speaks. It doesn’t take talent, just intimacy with our Heavenly Father. 
Seeking Him,
Bro. Clayton

Church History

For the past couple of months I have been preparing our Summer Bible Study. I am very excited about it…. I will be teaching Church History. I am sure that many are thinking, oh my that is gonna be boring. But I think you will find it very interesting.

Henry the 8th of England broke from the Roman Catholic Church and decided to rid England of the Roman Church. Although He was a wicked Godless man his actions opened the door for the Protestant Church. Henry the 8th dies and his Son Edward the 6th takes the throne. Edward the 6th is only nine years old when he takes the throne. During his coronation service they bring out three swords. They bring out the Sword of State, the Sword of War, and the Sword of His Family linage (the Tudor Sword). Edward the 6th said wait there is a sword missing. Everyone looks around in confusion and begin to ask what sword is this? Edward the 6th said it is the most important sword of all, it is the Sword of he Lord! He dies at the age of 15, during his reign the Church of England was officially established and was strengthened. Christianity began to prosper in England. After Edward the 6th’s death his sister Mary Tudor, Queen Mary the 1st took the throne. During her reign she earned the nick name of Bloody Mary because she was more like her father Henry the 8th, she was Godless. She began to persecute the Church of England and she re-established the Church of Roman; once again Roman Catholicism flourished in England. Bloody Mary put many Christians to death, even burned many at the stake. During her 5 year reign many protestants left England for other places. After Bloody Mary’s death her sister Queen Elisabeth the 1st took the throne, she re-establishes the Church of England and the Christians began to come back to England. They wanted to reform the Church and they wanted to purify it from the inside. They were met with much Resistance, these reformers were called puritans. They soon saw that they were not going to be able to purify the Church of England and they saw that God had opened a door for them in a New Country called America. 

Fast Forward many years and here we are today. 

Do you see what can happen when some one decides to promote the faith; and what can happen when some one else comes along a decides to punt the faith? God has opened a door for us to stand up for the gospel.

In the early years of Christianity people had to pay a great price, they had to make huge sacrifices. Today We have been entrusted with the Gospel.
With Love,
Bro. Clayton

Fun Facts

Let me share a few fun facts with that I bet you didn’t know:

-That it is impossible to lick your elbow.

-That the first couple to be shown in bed together on prime time TV      was Fred and Wilma Flintstone.

-That every day more money is printed for Monopoly than the U.S. Treasury. (This fact may change at anytime – under our current leadership)

-That at least 75% of people who read this will try to lick their elbow!

How many actually tried it??? How many will actually admit that they tried it???


Did you know that the Bible tells us that Laughter is a good Medicine? The actual translation of that is “Laugher brings good healing”

I pray that your days are full of Joy.

Take a Good Dose,
Bro. Clayton


I recently found this story and thought it was very good. So although this is not thoughts – I Wanted to share it with you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. There is a lot of truth in it! And since our men are have a fishing tournament this weekend, I thought it might be appropriate.
Jesus said,“Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.”
Seems simple enough. Followers of Jesus have been given a clear task: Go fishing to find others who will become followers of Jesus. Oh my, how we have complicated that call! We have become species specialists, selectively fishing for certain fish. The Sunday morning boat ramps are filled with favoritism. The Bass Boat Baptists hit the boat ramp first. While they are content to leave the Crappie to the Charismatics and the Catfish to the Catholics, they are divided even among themselves over how to fish for bass, selective about which bass is worth catching, and suspicious about other fishermen who are more successful. Some want to bed fish and yank those sinners right out of bed on Sunday morning. Others want to finesse fish and lure them in without them realizing they’re caught until it’s too late. Still others are looking only for “keeper fish.” They go after the big fish. Oh, they don’t mind catching an average fish, but they eventually toss it back and forget about it. Let them land a lunker and they’ll parade that catch in front of everyone! It’ll even make the “Baptist Mess-O-Fish-enger” paper. They are quite proud of their trophy fish. It is dangerous to get the Bass Boat Baptists together for too long. It won’t be long before they’ll divide up amongst themselves arguing over everything from which bait is better to which species of bass is better. The topwater lovers will cluster and preach against the crank baiters. The largemouth crowd will speak derisively about the smallmouth. Before long, another new club will be formed. To make matters worse, the Bass Boat Baptists won’t share a boat ramp with Pontoon Presbyterians because they have more than fish in their coolers and the Canoeing Church of Christs won’t even use the same boat ramp as any of the others because they don’t believe in motors. It is puzzling to observe such behavior. The call of Jesus seems simple enough. Yet, instead of fishing, much of our time is spent maintaining and polishing our boats, admiring our gear, bragging about last year’s catch, fussing over favorite fishing holes, fuming at another boat because they took one of our fish, and taking classes on everything from better knot-tying to what color boat cover to use. The craziest behavior of all takes place away from the water. In alarming numbers, fishermen sit cross-armed at the boat ramp or on the bank or in their driveways with their boats still on the trailer, wondering why the fish won’t jump out of the water and flop toward them! It’s as if they expect the fish to jump in their boats and baptize themselves in their livewells! Jesus didn’t call us to fish for men for the pleasure of fishing, but for the importance of the men. It’s not about our pleasure. It’s about His passion. We’ve made fishing for men too much about the act of fishing and not enough about the lost condition of man. Jesus doesn’t care what your boat looks like or whether you use the same spinner bait as Peter. Jesus isn’t judging you by how many fish you catch or how big they are. He just wants you to fish. If we’ll do the fishing, He’ll do the catching. Oh, and by the way, Jesus doesn’t practice catch and release. Why should we? PS: The reason I am being harder on the Baptists than the others is because I are* one. *(Intentional use of poor grammar)
I hope you enjoyed the truth that the author shared in the above story, now lets get out a fish!
Happy Fishing,
Bro. Clayton

Wolrd’s Most Expensive Head Ache

Have you ever heard of Wally Pipps? Let me tell you about him. He is famous for having the most expensive head ache in history.

We begin the story in 1925 Miller Huggins is the manager of the New York Yankees, Wally Pipps is the starting first baseman for the Yankees; a job he has had for the past ten years. On June 2nd they were getting ready to play the Washington Senators. Wally Pipps walks into the club house and tells Miller Huggins that he has a really bad head ache and thinks he needs to take the day off. Miller looks over at a rookie that had been sitting on the bench waiting for his big shot; Miller says “Lou your playing first base today!” For the next 2129 games Lou Gehrig played base ball for the Yankees; for a total of 2130 straight games, a record that stood for 56 years. 

Wally Pipps lost his starting position that day to a rookie, Pipps was later traded to another team. Pipps was a very good player, but Gehrig was one of baseballs all time greats. Wally Pipps said: “that was the world’s most expensive aspirin”. He was not remembered for his talent as a ball player, but the world tagged him with the man who had the world’s most expensive head ache.

I want to point out a couple of things to you – First thing is that Gehrig was ready when his shot came. Have you ever heard of an understudy? During a play the main actors have understudies who learn all the parts, all the music, all the lines, all the characters, all the entrances and all the exits, etc. they sit off to the side night after night, week after week, until someone get’s sick or get’s hurt and then they hear “You’r on in 30 minutes!” They have to be ready! Are you ready for the moment when God says…….. this is the moment when I am opening that door or window of opportunity? The second thing I want you to see from this story is that you have to be willing to keep a servant’s attitude. Lou Gehrig sat back in the Shadow’s of a man who most people have never heard of and those who have; know him as a guy with a bad head ache or a guy who blew his career for an aspirin. Lou Gehrig sat back as a servant to an unknown, he was the understudy. We must be willing to be a humble servant. No one can lead well unless he/she knows how to serve well.

After Elijah calls Elisha and passes the mantle of leadership off to Elisha; Elisha serves Elijah for the next 3 years. 2Kings 3:11 tells us that Elisha was Elijah’s servant; his understudy, He sat in the Shadow’s and humbly learned and served.

Sometimes the Key to knowing God’s will means being willing to serve others
With Love,
Bro. Clayton

Praying The Price

I am sure most of you remember Dr. Greg Frizzell. He has spoken at our church & over the past 6 years I have given away about 500 of his books. He writes about how to have a powerful prayer life, he also writes about holiness and daily cleansing, etc. I want to give you a little story taken from his book on prayer.

A huge high school student walked up to the football coach and told him that he wanted to play football. The coach was thrilled and said, “Son, I am so glad you want to play. We sure need a player of your size.”Then the coach told the young man to be at practice the following day and assured him he would get a chance to play on the team. For the next three days, the coach anxiously watched for the young man but he never showed up for practice. About a week later, the student again came to the coach and said, “”Coach, I sure love football and I really want to be on the team.”  The coach said, “I’m glad to hear that but you never came to practice. Son, we really need you on our team but if you want to play ball, you must come to practice.” The young man assured the coach he would be at practice the next day. A whole week passed yet, the boy never attended a single practice. Later, the young man saw the coach walking at a distance and he yelled for the coach to wait up so he could talk to him. But rather than stopping, the coach just kept walking. The young man ran to the coach, got right in front of him and started to give him the all too familiar speech. As the boy proclaimed his desire to play, the coach suddenly interrupted him and spoke the following words: “No son, you really don’t want to play football. I told you in order to play you must come to practice. The truth is, you had rather do other things than pay the price to be on the team. When you say you want to play, yet you won’t come to practice, you are really just kidding yourself. Now excuse me while I go and coach the boys who are waiting at practice. You see son, they do want to play football.” 

Many of us make statements like, We need revival, we want to see God move and save lives. Oh, how we wish The Holy Spirit would move in, stir the hearts of our people. We need God to breathe life into our Church, etc. The truth is God says that if we cleanse ourselves and spend time in daily prayer with Him. He would send a mighty moving of His Spirit. 

The question is not – does God want our Church to grow, Does He want us to see the lost come to saving faith. The question is; do we want to be apart of God’s activity?

Are willing to pay the price? Are we willing pray the price? If we truly want these things, thing we must be willing to show up for practice and pay the price in consistent prayer. The place of practice for our spiritual life is spending much personal time with God in daily prayer. If we say we want to grow and yet we seldom show up for serious prayer, we are just kidding ourselves. God cannot teach you to pray if you refuse to show up for practice! 


Please pray that our Church will be all that God wants it to be. Pray for a Spirit of Spiritual revival. Please pray that God will move in might and power this coming Sunday. 
Praying Together,
Bro. Clayton

Marching Into The Unknown

As we move to the mid-point of the 3rd month of 2016 do you have a clue what is going to happen this year? We do not know what the future holds for us and we can become very fearful of the un-known.

In the mid-third century a teenager took over his father’s kingdom and his father’s army. He marched that army across the “then known world”. This teenagers name was Alexander The Great and in 326 he did something that no one else has ever done. He conquered Afghanistan! He split his army in two and took half through the Kabul River Valley and took the other half through the Khyber Pass and met back up near the Indus River. At the Indus River Alexander faced two things he had never faced before. The first thing he face was the greatest army he had ever faced, He was able to conquer it. The second thing he faced he was not able to conquer. When they crossed the Indus River his men opened their maps and discovered they had march off the “then known world”. There were no maps for this part of the world, no one had drawn any. So his Macedonian troops mutinied against him and refused to go any future. They forced him to turn around and go back. Alexander went back to Babylon and died at the age of 33. 

They were fearful to go forward into the future not knowing where they were going.  As we enter future we have a lot of unknowns before us. We do not know what our President is going to do. We do not know what our economy is going to do. We do not know what our God is going to do. We may not trust the other things mentioned but we can trust GOD! 

We as a Church are approaching the unknown. We are still seeking God for direction concerning our Music Ministry, we have just teamed up with a sister church to start a Hispanic work, we’ve made other changes and we feel certain that God has led this far. I pray that we do not let the fear of the unknown cause us to rebel and turn back short of the finish line. 

Keep your eyes on the Lord and we can do conquer the unknown!  (Remember it’s not unknown to God)
Bro. Clayton

Die To Self!

Maybe I am getting a little cynical or sarcastic as I get older. A few years back I read a book called arguing with idiots, and my new favorite quote is – “You can’t fix stupid!” I do not know what that says about me, but confession is good for your state of mind.  

Do You remember Huckleberry Finn? He faked his own death in hopes of finding a life of freedom. Thus, the famous quote from Samuel Clemens’ pen, “The rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.
There should be rumors of OUR demise and they should be completely accurate.  Like Huck Finn, we have to die (to self)to truly live. Huck was a slave to a mean, drunk father. We were  slaves to sin. Huck faked his death.  We need to die, to self, sin and the flesh! Write the obituary. 

We can all get a little cynical or even a little melancholy as a result of living in a sin cursed world. When we die to self and flesh; and come to Christ we are made alive to the Spirit.  The Bible says in Romans 8:2 that Christians are free from the operation of Sin and Death, because we have the operation of the Spirit working in us.

Are you yielding to the operation of the Spirit that is within you? Or are you quenching the operation of the Spirit in your life? The answer to this question usually determines your outlook on life. I have found that I cannot fix stupid nor can I successfully argue with ignorant people………… But the Holy Spirit can teach me to love them and HE can Fix them. He can also fix ME!!

Praise His name for being gracious and giving us His indwelling Spirit.
With Love,
Bro. Clayton

All Hail The Power Of Jesus Name

One of my favorite Missionary stories is about Dr. George Green. Dr Green was one of our 1st medical missionaries to Africa. In the early 1900’s he made his was up the Niger River in Africa. As he was journeying up the river he heard the sound of Drums over the jungle noise. He asked his guide what the drums were saying? His guide said to him – “you really do not want to know!” Green replied – “Yes, I do it is very important that I know what they are saying; I need to learn the way they communicate.” The guide finally told him that he was actually hearing one tribe threatening another tribe with cannibalism.  The guide then asked “Are you sure you want me to let you out here?” Dr. Green said “Yes this is where God has called me to serve.” 

He got out of the boat and spent over 40 years serving the Lord in Africa. He established many medical clinics. In-Fact the first Hospital they ever had, which is still standing today, was named after him. Everywhere he built a clinic he also built a Church in order to share the gospel with the people. Several people came to know the Lord as savior because of his ministry. 

When the day came for him to leave Africa and go back home. He once again made his way back up the same Niger River. And Once again he heard the sounds of Drums over the Jungle noise. However, this time he did not need an interpreter; He knew what the drums where saying. 

“All Hail The Power Of Jesus Name – Let Angles Prostrate Fall.”

His being there did make a difference.

When I am on my way Home I want to know that I made a difference.  

What about you, what will the drums be saying when you are on your way home? 
Making A Difference “Together”
Bro. Clayton

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