Everyone – “IN YOUR PLACES”

“So God has put the body together in such a way that extra honor and care are given to those parts that have less dignity. This makes for harmony among members, so that all the members care for each other equally”

1Corinthias 12:24b-25
I once read a story about a Sea Captain and his Chief Engineer, They argued as to which of them was more important to the ship. Failing to agree, they decided to swap places. The Chief Engineer ascended to the bridge, and the Captain descended to the engine room. After a couple of hours the Captain emerged suddenly on the deck, covered with soot and oil. “CHIEF”, he yelled, wildly waving a monkey wrench. “You’ll have to come down here; I can’t make ‘er go!”  “Of course you can’t,” replied the Chief. “We’ve run aground!”
This is a humorous story, however the story shows us the truth about our church. That truth is – simply that every person is an important part of the Danville FBC family! God has put us all together, so that all the members can care for each other equally. Each person in our church has a special gift that God wants to use, for this makes harmony among the members. Disharmony comes when we try to do jobs that God has not gifted us to do. Disharmony also comes when body parts (church members) stop functioning as God intended them to.
How about You? Are you doing your part? Are you functioning as God intended you to? Are you an agent of harmony or disharmony? Are you in your place, using the gift God has blessed you with to advance His Kingdom as a member of FBC?
My Prayer is that we all ask God what He has created us for. What part of the body of Christ are you? Do you know? Pray and ask God to show you. Only then will you be functioning as a united part of the Body of Christ. Our church needs you! You are important! With each person working together, our church can and will be all that God wants us to be.
Together we can experience 360. I pray you do your part.
With Love,
Bro. Clayton