Work Till Jesus Comes

I recently read a humorous and factious story about a mayor of a small town who was driving through his town and glanced over toward the city square, noticing two city workers doing something rather unusual. Along one side of the city street, they were working steadily, one of the men digging a hole in the ground, and the other filling it back up. After watching them dig and fill in several holes in this same manner, he asked for an explanation. “Well, sir.” replied the first man, “we work for the city planting trees, and usually there are three of us – one to dig the hole, one to plant the tree, and one to fill the hole back in. But the guy who plants the tree called in sick today, and,” he proudly announced, “we did not want to miss a day’s work!”
You probably thought the same thing as I did… How cheesy, and what a lame joke!
However, isn’t it easy for us to fall into the habit of just being at church, just going through the motions? Attending worship, pay tithe, sing in the choir, or praise team, attend more services, volunteer some time, give some more money, and attend Sunday School. We become programmed, like the tree planters, we totally lose sight of the meaning behind what we are doing. The result is that after years of “DOING” church, our walk with God is still in the same place it has been, and our lost friends and family members are still without Jesus.
Our goal is not just to be counted among the regulars on Sunday Morning! Our mission is one of eternal consequences, and we must never lose sight of the urgency behind it. We are to make a difference in a dying world. Everything we do must be motivated by two things – A deep, passionate, growing Love for Our Lord and a desire to win this generation to Christ – For His Glory. Let your motivation for “Experience 360” be Love! Loving God, and Loving others so much that we desire to see the two come together.   
Meditate on this for a few minutes – For the early church praying was like Inhaling the breath of God, and evangelism happened naturally as they Exhaled what they had received.
Please take time to fellowship with the Heavenly Father in prayer today! Then Share your faith with others.
Breathe in – Breathe out,
Bro. Clayton