Prayer Testimony

I’ve been re-reading (for the 5th time) Jim Cymbala’s book “Fresh Wind Fresh Fire”. In the book he tells how God used prayer to revive a dying church in New York.

I enjoy books about prayer and especially when they remind me of what God can do when His people seek Him and truly believe.

Let me share a little excerpt from the 2nd chapter:

“God had formed a core of people who wanted to pray, who believed that nothing was too big for HIM to handle. No matter what roadblock we faced, no matter what attack came against us, no matter how wild the city became in the late seventies – as cocaine arrived on top of heroin, and then crack-cocaine on top of that – God could still change people and deliver them from evil. He was building His church in a tough neighborhood, and as long as people kept calling out for His blessing and help, He had fully committed Himself to respond.”


As I read that I was reminded of Calvin Hunt’s Story – a drug addict who was reached through the prayers of the Brooklyn Tab. And how now He is an award winner Gospel Artist – Free At Last!! I want to encourage you to copy and paste the link below and watch his testamentary.   Those who know me best will tell you that I do not cry often… but as I watched this today I found myself crying like a baby (just glad no one was in the office). Because This is part of my dream… A church that is so full of the Grace of God and so sensitive to the Spirit of God, that they pray in such a way that God works mightily and in ways that can not be describe by anything other than “GOD DID IT!”

Just imagine what God can do if we pray and invite others to join us in the worship of Our Worthy God!

Experience 360,

Bro. Clayton