Elephant In The Room

Perhaps you’ve heard the expression “The elephant In The Room” it is often used to describe those things we avoid discussing at any cost.
For churches it is imperative to address the “Elephants in the Room”. Delaying addressing the Elephants in the Room (those things we avoid discussing at all costs) will cost us greater later on. A Herd of Elephants is huge, can be controversial, and dangerous. When an elephant steps on you it H-U-R-T-S, and can even kill. There have been way too many casualties in church situations where the “elephants” stampeded. I want to challenge every Christian leader to PRE – determine how they are going to handle the charging elephant BEFORE the fact.

Having watched several (on TV) who have gone on live safaris, it is imperative to determine the strategy BEFORE the beast makes its move. A good strategy for handling an elephant could be the difference in life or death.

Some of the elephants facing 21st century church leaders are: divorce, Calvinism, homosexuality, abortion, eldership/deaconship, abortion, co-habitation vs. marriage, same sex marriage, alcohol usage, pornography, abuse, tithing, ordination of women, euthanasia, church discipline, …. just to name a few elephants that can stampede, charge, turn into a rogue, or stomp a village/church.

A couple of the most dangerous and perhaps less obvious elephants are Spiritual apathy, and stagnate church congregations. These are two elephants that must be dealt with swiftly.

Ever heard the old elephant joke? – Question: “What is the black stuff between an elephant’s toes? Answer: Slow moving pigmies.”

In the case of many churches it could be slow acting leaders & congregants, when dealing with Apathy and Stagnation.
Don’t  be a slow moving pigmy when it comes to apathy and church stagnation.
Experience 360.
Bro. Clayton