Soar With The Eagles

An eagle can see a rabbit about 1 mile or 1760 yards away. Now the average person needs to be about 550 yards away to see the same rabbit. That’s why when someone says “you must have eagle eyes,” they mean you can see really far.

In John Maxwell’s Book on leadership he speaks about “Searching For Eagles”. John Maxwell speaks about 21 laws of leadership; one of the 21 laws is the law of the inner circle. The basic principle of this law is that those who are closest to you will determine your level of success. If you have a bunch of turkeys around you; you will never soar with the eagles. Today I am thankful and blessed to have an amazing group of men around me. I consider them “Eagle Leaders”.

As I have already stated, eagles have amazing eyesight, more than 3 times that of a human. Eagles can even see fish swimming just under the surface of the water, while flying some 600 yards above the water. When they dive for the fish they reach speeds of up to 75 miles per hour.

When we apply these facts to leadership; we understand that “Eagle Leaders” can see things that others cannot and they will also swiftly seize opportunities that others cannot! I have heard it said that opportunities are seldom labeled. Walter Chrysler said that -“the reason so many people never get anywhere in life is because when opportunity knocks they are out in the back yard looking for four-leaf clovers.”

Churches today are dying because of lack of “Eagle Leaders”. Many times a Pastor/Leader will pray and receive a God given vision only to hear the followers say – “Preacher we just can’t see how this will work”. There-in lays the problem. They can’t see it – “Eagle Leaders” on the other hand can see what others cannot or perhaps do not want to.

Let me share another interesting fact about eagles. Did you know that they can swim? Sometimes eagles, even with their amazing eyesight,   super-fast speed, and keen senses; they will occasionally miss their targeted fish, or they may mis-judge the size of the fish and they will have to swim back to shore dragging the fish up-on bank where they can eat it on shore. “

“Eagle Leaders”, perceive opportunities and seize them even if it means they have to take risk. Sometimes they may miss the mark or mis-judge but they do not sink, they simple begin to swim, they may drag the problem with them but eventually they wrestle it onto the shore where they can solve it – one bite at a time. 

Oh, God give us men who are eagles, who can see what you want them to see, who can seize the opportunities you put before them, who will have the resolve to fight the good fight, even if they have to take some risk, Give us men of faith who will navigate the deep waters!
Seeing “Experience 360”,
Bro. Clayton