Dream Test

I enjoy reading books by Dr. John Maxwell; he is a leadership guru and one of his books is titled “Putting your Dreams to the TEST.”
  The following has been taken from this book.

“Have you ever been strolling through a shopping mall or car lot when – POW! – THE perfect product captures your attention? Perhaps it’s the sporty convertible with a V-8 engine and unbelievable acceleration. Maybe it’s the adorable dress that’s exactly your style, has a flattering fit, and accentuates all of your finest features.

Whatever the case, there’s an initial moment when you’re enamored with THE product. For a split second reality is suspended as you imagine the joys of owning it. Unfortunately, two words generally bring this pleasant daydream crashing to a halt: price tag.

The Dream Is Free, but the Journey Isn’t

When you first think about a dream, you only see possibilities and potential. As my friend Collin Sewell observed, all dreams begin obstacle-free. However, at some point we have to confront the Cost Question: Am I willing to pay the price of my dream?”

A little over a week ago I shared a dream with the congregation of FBC Danville. A dream I called “Experience 360”. Why “Experience 360”? Because I want us to experience what it would be like to have our sanctuary full during Sunday Morning Worship. During our worship time together last Sunday I asked you to consider “What Type Of Person Are You?” Perhaps the question we should be asking is “Are God’s people willing to pay the price in Prayer?” And are they willing to put feet to their prayers?

As Maxwell said – the dream is free, the journey may cost!!! Are you willing to pay & what price? Most people are willing to pay some, but they have a limit; they are willing to sacrifice a little but not enough to actually see the dream become reality. They dream big, but want small price tags. We all want to drive nice, new cars, but want to pay used car prices. So, when we see the price tag of the big dreams we run and are forced to settle for small “affordable”, “comfortable” dreams. Something we can handle, something we can pay for, sacrifices that we are comfortable with. We forget that if God gives the dream, if God leads us, He provides – provided we are willing to PRAY THE PRICE!!

What about you?  Are you content with just dreaming or do you want to see God do the impossible? What are you willing to sacrifice, what price are you willing to pay? Have you began inviting people to come experience 360, or better yet come experience the worship of our awesome God?


Putting The Dream To The Test – TOGETHER

Bro. Clayton