Let me share a brief story with you. There was a young pastor that I know of who had dreams for the congregation that he pastored. The people seemed to be some-what satisfied to remain in their stagnate state, the pastor desired to lead then to greater things.  It seemed as though ever step forward was met with some sort of resistance. However, God Blessed and the church soon began to get full, the choir grew and was the talk of the town; even receiving invitations to sing at other events. The baptistery was being used on a regular basis. This small country Church had grown from 52 to over 130 and a high of 166. AS I said it was full!!! They soon saw the need to build a new building, the ground work was done, the plains made, the excitement was still growing, etc. However, behind the scenes the cold water committee, those who had never done it this way before, those who would not let go of the past glory days, (which were beginning to pale in comparison to the present day); they were keeping the negativity stirred. These few complained about the youth minister, they complained about the music and the worship leader, they complained that the building was going to cost too much, they complained that the pastor was causing them to lose their Church. Soon visitors began to leave……… it was too crowded, baptisms dropped, then those who had the vision and the dream began to slowly leave, the staff began to leave for other churches. The ones who worked to get the plans and drawings for the new church left. The pastor was now so drained Spiritually, emotionally, and physically he too soon left. The dream was over. The cold water committee got their church back, the building was never built. Since that time this church has dropped back down to under 50 some times even in the 20’s. I guess they were right they did not need a new building, they needed a new Church.

These were all Casualties of War! As we move forward here at Danville FBC we have to remember that we are in a war, but not with each other! We must also understand that we may have some Casualties of War. We will have some that get mad and leave, we will have some who get tired and leave, we will have some who get wounded and leave. We need to remember that those who get wounded are not our enemy, they are victims of this war…….. SATAN is the enemy and he will try to knock out as many as he can. We have to fight on our knees. I have seen him knock the breath, the dream out of one church and I know he wants to do the same to as many as he can.

Let’s look around and see those who are getting Spiritually, emotionally, physically tired and drained. Let’s help encourage, and refresh them so they can live to fight another day.

Beside you not behind you,
Bro. Clayton