Stirred -not- Shaken

You can ask anyone in my family and they will tell you that I love a good glass of sugar sweet tea. I am talking “pure joy,” I guess that sweet tea is one of my favorite delicacies.  You have probably noticed that when you add sugar to tea, the sugar settles to the bottom.  The only way to make the tea sweet is to stir it.  It is the stirring that causes the sugar to permeate the entire pitcher of tea.I can actually be a little picky about my tea, in-fact in my house I normally always make the tea. At a restaurant I have returned tea on several different occasions. I like it to be made a certain way. It is not enough to stir the sugar into the tea, I put the sugar in first and then add a little hot water, stir a little, then add the tea after it has brewed but it is still hot. It is the stirring of the hot water that causes the sugar to completely dissolve.

Let’s imagine that you are the pitcher of tea, and your faith is the sugar.  That faith is in you, but it doesn’t really transform you until there is some stirring.  That stirring is what James refers to as “trials of many kinds.” God often allows us to get into some “Hot Water”. God uses the trials you experience to change you and make you stronger.  When your life gets stirred up, God uses it to build your perseverance.  In fact, it is impossible to develop perseverance without that kind of stirring.  God is so good that even your trials can be reason to rejoice, because those trials strengthen your perseverance.

That same tea with out the sugar is not very good to me at all; it is bitter. Isn’t it interesting that on of my favorite delicacies, something that brings “pure joy” is only good after it has been heated and stirred? When God allows you to go through the fire and when your life is being stirred, God may be developing you to be a sweet taste in the life of others. 
Count it all Joy Brothers,
Bro. Clayton

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