Bird Brains

Jeremiah 8:7 

 “ Even the stork in the heavens   Knows her appointed times;   And the turtledove, the swift, and the swallow   Observe the time of their coming.   But My people do not know the judgment of the LORD.


This scripture tells us that even the bird know when to turn and return. It is written in nature.

Did you know that the Terra Del Fuego is a group of Islands on the Southern tip of Argentina. Why do I mention this? It is because on the tip of Argentina they have a little bird that is called the “Red Knott” we call them the “SandPiper”. You can often see them along the beach during the summer months. 

You can also see a variation of this bird along many U.S coast lines.

 In mid-May they fly all the way up the coast line of Argentina, up over Brazil, and eventually turn and fly over the Atlantic Ocean. They will fly for one solid week without landing or eating. They will make their way to the Chesapeake Bay and the Delaware Bay where the Horse Shoe Crabs come about Mid-May to lay their eggs. These Small birds will stop and will eat 1000’s of eggs. They will gain enough strength to continue their journey all the way up to Northern Canada. The trip one way is about 9000 miles. They will mate and the female will lay 4 speckled brown eggs. The female and her mate will hatch the eggs and by mid-June the female (who is apparently tired of the husband and kids) will fly by herself 9thousand miles back to South America and 1 week later the male (who is now tired of being alone with the kids) will make the same trip by himself back to the very tip of Argentina. By mid-August the baby “Red Knotts” or “SandPipers” with out any maps,or GPS will fly the exact same 9 thousand mile route to join Mom and Dad at the Terra Del Fuego Islands. They make this 18 thousand mile round trip each and every year. The greatest scientific minds cannot figure out why these birds do this, nor can they figure out HOW they do it with such perfection.

God says that the birds know when to go out and when to turn and when to return…………. I thank that is amazing! But what is even more amazing is what God says at the end of this same verse……….. “But My People do not!”

God is speaking about the fact that His own people will not return to Him! Did you know that about 90%- 95% of the time when the Bible speaks about repentance…….. it is God directing it toward HIS PEOPLE???????

If God can direct these birds to fly 9 thousand miles and even lead them to stop along the coast lines of U.S.A & at the same time He has brought the Horse Shoe Crabs to lay eggs so that He can provide a much needed meal, and can tell mom and dad when to leave and can also direct  baby birds to fly to a place they have never been. If God can do these things don’t you think He can direct every part of our lives if we just turn back to Him? Are you giving God the worship He deserves? I stand in AWE of MY GOD!!!!!!!!!
As amazing as this story is; I also Know God has amazing plans for HIS Church. Often HIS Church misses The will of God because the church is busy planning and discussing how to do it and trying to figure all the details. All the time God is often saying start flying and I will show you the way.
I am ready to Jump out of the nest and watch as God does amazing things through HIS people.
With Love,
Bro. Clayton

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