The Scape Goat

In our last post we looked at… Why Mark share the details of his being at the garden wearing only a sheet, and his subsequent “nude run”.  Probably since Mark is writing the gospel story he is simply including a personal note ant this is also why the other gospel writers leave it out of their account. Let’s also consider an event from the Old Testament.  

In the O.T. during the day of atonement the High Priest would take two goats/lambs and inspect them for perfection/imperfections. The High Priest would slay one and take the blood and sprinkle it as a symbol that the people could now approach God because another had died in their place. They did this every year because the blood of these lambs did not take away sin; if it did they would only have to do it once. It was a symbol that God covered their sins until the final one would come to take away their sins. It was also called the day of “Covering”.  This was the passover lamb!! We now know that Jesus was and is our passover lamb……. (that final one)!!

The High priest would take the second lamb/goat and stand before all the people, place his hand upon the lamb and pronounce that the nation had broke the LAW symbolically transferring the Nation’s sins to the lamb. After the pronouncement the High Priest would then take his linen robe and place it on the goat symbolizing that this lamb would bare Israel’s sins. The goat would be led out into the wilderness to die and never seen again. Symbolizing that Jesus bares our sins and when he forgives us those sins are never seen or remember again.

This goat was called the scape goat, Jesus was our scape goat that carried away our sins; as Jesus was lead away to die another linen robe was dropped.

So what do you think about that? Feel free to share your thoughts.
Looking Forward to seeing you Sunday!
Bro. Clayton

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