The Case of the Nude Disciple

Have you ever heard someone telling a story and they give way too much information? Sometimes I hear other say “TMI” which stands for Too Much Information. Well as we read the story about Jesus’ Betrayal and Arrest in the Garden each of the Gospel writers gives a different point of view. Think back a couple of days when we read Mark’s account in chapter 14. Mark records something that is only found in his writing. When I read it I think “TMI”…………..

Mark 14:51-52

A young man was following Him, wearing nothing but a linen sheet over his naked body; and they seized him.
But he pulled free of the linen sheet and escaped naked.

Wait did that say that a young man was only wearing a sheet, and it was tore off of him and he ran away naked? YES!!!

Now I know that it really is not “TMI”, because the Holy Spirit inspired Mark to give us this little detail. However, it does raise several questions for me.

For instance, why did Mark tell this? Who was this young man? Why was he only wearing a sheet to begin with? Why is he at the garden when Judas and the troops come to arrest Jesus? And My final question is……….. has anyone ever seen a painting of this scene??????? Me Neither!! 

Let me try to help with all of the questions besides the last. We have to go back and talk about what Jesus and his disciples where doing before the Garden. They were in the upper room where they shared the last supper (I have seen paintings of that scene) during this time Jesus tells them that one of them will betray him, later Judas leaves and goes to Caiaphas’ house to make the deal to betray Jesus. Mean while Jesus and the other disciples leave the upper room and go to the Mt. Of Olives to pray in the garden. Most of the commentators believe that the “upper room” was actually at John Marks house (also the same Mark who wrote the gospel of Mark). The events in the garden (betrayal and arrest) happened around mid-night. So it was late when everyone left the upper room (Marks house). Mark probably got ready for bed and went to sleep. Jews would take off their outer robe and sleep in a linen robe, similar to a sheet. Later that night probably around 11/11:30 Judas came back with the army and religious leaders looking for Jesus. He looked at Marks House first since that was where he left Jesus. Since Jesus was not there Judas knew that Jesus would be at the Garden. They probably woke John Mark up; he jump up and did not bother to put his outer robe on, rather he ran to the garden to try to warn Jesus and the others. The Bible says that as they led Jesus off all of His disciples fled, as John Mark began to run off someone reached out to grab him and tore his sleeping robe off. So it was probably Mark who was wearing his “PJ’s” which got stripped off, then He ran off. Now, Mark is inserting himself into his writings.

This is why I never where my “PJ’s” out in public!! I am amazed by how many people actually do this. As a child I used to dream that I had gone to school wearing nothing but I under wear…………… I Know , I know…”TMI” !!!

Well, why is this in the Bible? Was Mark just sharing this because this was his personal experience of the whole event? I am not 100% sure as to why, but I do believe everything in the Bible has a purpose; even if I don’t understand it. However, In our next blog post I will share another story with you and see if their is any type of correlation.
Praying For You,
Bro. Clayton
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