Focused Time

Our Bible Readings have been in the book of Mark and today we read in chapter 14 about Jesus’ betrayal and His time in the Garden. Had Jesus chosen this day and time to come to earth, how different might the Scriptures read? In Mark 14:37, Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane, moments away from being arrested, beaten, and crucified. Jesus had asked Peter, James, and John to stay close by and pray. After Jesus prayed for a while, He turned to see His disciples asleep. He asked Simon Peter,

“Simon, are you sleeping? Could you not watch one hour?”

What if that had been today?

“Simon, are you tweeting? “Are you on face book again?” “Who are you texting?” Could you not focus for just one hour?”

It is obvious that Jesus knew what He was doing when He came when He came. His timing is always perfect! That includes God’s timing in our life and in the life of our Church. One of the keys is that we must be ready when He is ready. We must be focused on Him and His kingdom agenda.

Let us have focused time with our Heavenly father each day. As our passion grows so will our church and the kingdom of heaven.
With Love,
Bro. Clayton

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