Mark 11

Today’s Bible Reading is found in Mark 11. We have been following the life and Ministry of Jesus, we now journey with Him as He makes His Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem. As Jesus makes His way into the Holy City the crowds of people sing and shout “Blessed is the coming Kingdom of our Father David! Hosanna in the Highest!”
The next day Jesus shows His authority by cursing a fig tree and intensifies showing His authority by cleansing the temple complex. Needless to say the religious leaders of the day did not appreciate this display of authority and by the end of this chapter we see that they are now questioning Jesus’ authority. They do so by posing a question to Him, Jesus in turn asks then a few questions of His own.
Perhaps today we have questions for God, perhaps He has a few questions of His own for us! I do not think that God necessarily minds when we as humans have questions, I do believe – He does not appreciate when we question Him with the wrong spirit/attitude. I pray that in our questioning we never challenge His authority – that never turns our for the best. However, HE has all authority!!  This Sunday we will deal with a few questions that have come in from the pews, about the Kingdom of God.
Praying You Have A Blessed Weekend,
Bro. Clayton

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